As a city theatre we will produce around 8 new performances every season, a series of political events, we will retake pieces from the repertoire and we will receive more than 40 guest performances. Together, there are more than 250 performances in Ghent as well as on tour. A lot of productions, a lot of tones, a lot of audience, that has an impact.We are aware of this and therefore make choices that make our theatre as social and accessible as possible to our audience, minimise the impact on our living environment, and make working conditions as pleasant as possible.


Plan your visit

  • By bike: each of our locations is very easy to reach by bike. Use the underground bicycle parking on the Sint-Michielshelling for activities in the theatre. In spring and fall we organise NTGent cycles: visitors that come by bicycle, receive a nice bonus.
  • By public transport: each of our locations is easily accessible with De Lijn. Check their route planner for your smoothest route.
  • Are you coming by car? Then carpooling is a good idea, either with people you know or use: or

Read our program brochure and our magazine online

Help limit our printing. Our magazines are all available on issuu, our programme books can be consulted on our website and you can subscribe to our newsletter. Eat in our café: every Thursday we serve an all-vegetarian buffet, every other day we offer a buffet with meat - or fish on Friday - and you can choose a vegetarian alternative.



NTGent is a founding member of Greentrack, whose mission is to reduce the ecological footprint of the cultural sector. It is the sustainability 'think and do tank' of the cultural sector in Ghent. Greentrack now includes 54 organisations that, through exchange and experiment, build a sustainable future. We write an action plan on a new theme annually.


A team of staff members from different departments comprises the NTGent ecoteam. Each ecoteam member thinks about the different themes from the perspective of their own department and expertise. The team meets on a regular basis and establishes an action plan annually. We are already committed to raising awareness, reducing paper consumption, the energy efficiency of our equipment, etc.


Since 2017, our theatre building has been undergoing a thorough renovation. The existing fly tower will be automated and a new loading/unloading platform will be built, including a truck lift. Both will bring about a major improvement for occupational safety and will enable our organisation to respond to modern developments in the theatre world. There is also attention on the acoustics so that the impact on the surroundings is as little as possible.

In addition, the entrance hall will be freshened up. The facade dates from the late 80s and is in need of renewal. It will be doubled: we are placing doors at the front of the facade as well as in the original entrance, creating a lock. This way, draughts in the winter will be avoided and in the summer the front facade can be opened to allow more interaction with the square, creating an open house. Minnemeers has been in need of innovation for quite some time now. In the short term, we are planning improvements with a limited investment that will already have an impact. The old lighting rails with incandescents are being removed and replaced by lights that are more energy efficient. In the long term, a plan is being worked out together with the owner (City of Ghent) to thoroughly improve the infrastructure.


We pay attention to paper consumption, send as much as possible digitally, and do not print unnecessary numbers of flyers and posters. When we launched our new corporate identity in 2018, we decided not to dispose of existing stocks of stationery, but to continue using them stamped with our new logo.


Staff are encouraged to commute by bicycle as much as possible. Staff who come by bicycle can count on a bicycle allowance. We regularly organise a bicycle repair workshop. We hand out fluorescent vests.

Raising awareness

Every year, NTGent is an enthusiastic participant of Earth Hour, and Thick Jumper Day. We turn off the lights for an hour, and lower the heating for a day. These are symbolic acts that help to keep the theme in the spotlight.