The City Theatre of the Future will be an open house, ready to hear your suggestions and initiatives. We shall invite students for master-classes, and we see ourselves as ‘The Flemish Factory’, combining productions and tours, independent theatre and repertoire, dramatic art, theoretical discourse and political commitment, with an eye to a ‘global realism’. There is plenty to do, lots to learn, and much to see.

School of Resistance

How can we shape the future of our planet, without falling back into the damaging capitalist narratives of the past? In this new series the biweekly livestream School of Resistance gives a platform to different experts from around the world: artists, activists, politicians and philosophers. IIPM and NTGent continue their work on the contradictions of the global economy: using the means of activism and art, the aim is to create a blueprint for a politics of resistance. The debate series consists of a bi-weekly livestream and will be concluded with an event in February 2021 at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

Golden Books

“The Golden Books” are a joint project by NTGent and the Berlin publisher Verbrecher Verlag. It is a series comprising programme articles on theatre, aesthetics and politics as well as background pieces on productions and projects by NTGent. A series on both the theory and the practice of a ‘city theatre of the future’.


NTGent will be more than a theatre. It will be, in the Brechtian sense, a school for life and for the arts, combining practice and theory, craftsmanship and engagement, tradition and experiment. Therefore, we also publish books about our work and beyond, and we offer Master classes for young artists, in collaboration with art schools and universities of the region. We understand this as an investment in upcoming artists – and in the understanding and the future of the art of theatre.