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Chokri Ben Chikha

Chokri Ben Chikha is an actor, dancer, choreographer, performer and writer. He is the artistic director of the international performance group Action Zoo Humain. On top of that, he’s also a lecturer and artistic researcher at KASK in Ghent, where he obtained his PhD in the Arts in 2013. In his work, Chokri questions the tension between ethics, identity and neoliberalism: he identifies these concepts as three of the main challenges of the 21st century.

(credits photo: Kurt Van Der Elst)

Action Zoo Humain

Action Zoo Humain explores the extent to which theatre can directly intervene in reality without losing sight of its poetic potential and self-criticism. The organisation uses the historical concept of the 'zoo humain' as a (research) tool to question ethnic, religious, political and economic zones of conflict. The company puts multi-voicedness and representation at the forefront. Thus, they function as a bridge-builder between artists/academics, artistic/social-artistic sector, new talent/experts and between individual artists and cultural houses. Action Zoo Humain believes that an (artistic) project is justified not only by its own content, but also by the network in which it is created.

-- update June 2024

Chokri Ben Chikha & Action Zoo Humain

Only humans can fantasise With closed eyes, you can see whomever you’d like There's all that future, still Beyond madness, tenderness awaits Until it holds from the inside