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Eliaz is part of the cast of 'Dissident' (season 2021-2022), the new production by Lara Staal and NTGent in which young people known as troublemakers at school take the stage and educate the audience.  

Eliaz studies social sciences. He is 17 years old and part of a family with three children and his mother. In his first and second year of secondary school, he studies in the town of Lochristi. In his third year, he went to Oostakker, because he wanted to study Industrial Sciences. He got good marks but didn't feel at ease. Since then, his motivation has decreased a lot. Two years ago he returned to Lochristi.

Eliaz regrets that the school system focuses mainly on useless lessons and pays little attention to life skills. Before, he always wanted to become a teacher. Today, he is thinking of studying sociology or pedagogy so that he can make some changes in the current school system.

Because of his ADD diagnosis, he likes to spend his free time quietly in his room or with his friends. He describes himself as a happy and optimistic person, but is also a bit lazy.

-- photo: Isaac Van Weyenberg 

Eliaz Bello Medrano