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Lien Wildemeersch, born 1983 in Ypres, first studied Germanic languages and in addition obtained a certificate in philosophy and a teacher's training degree. Afterwards, she studied drama at the Ghent Conservatory (now KASK), where she graduated with great distinction. Her graduation performance Manson/Mensen was selected for the ITS Festival in Amsterdam and for her interpretation she received the Kemn-A-ward for promising acting talent.

After graduating she immediately joined NTGent. She performed in Kasimir and Karoline, Underground, Aïda, Opening night, Ginds tussen de netels (Over there, between the nettles), Candide, Kinderen van de zon (Children of the sun), De bittere tranen van Petra von Kant (The bitter tears of Petra von Kant), Kleine Eyolf (Little Eyolf), Platonov, Parsifal, Hotel Malaria, Elektra, 4.48 Psychosis, De kersentuin (The cherry orchard), Platform, Urban Prayers, To name herstory and Menuet. She worked with directors Luk Perceval, Susanne Kennedy, Ivo Van Hove, Michel Schröder, Johan Simons, Peter Verhelst, Wim Opbrouck, Julie Van den Berghe, Marijke Pinoy, Jan Steen, Florian Fischer, Yahya Terryn and Liliane Brakema. She can also be seen in a number of films (including Retrospekt and Nocturne) and on television series.

Lien is also a musician; she plays piano, cello, harp and accordion. Last season she performed at NTGent in the revivalsof Menuet and of the English monologue 4.48 Psychosis. In the 2019-2020 season she will be performing in Yellow

- update May 2019

Lien Wildemeersch