European Song Festival Theatre De Vidy

Massimo Furlan, an unpredictable Lausanne artist, finds the material for his projects in his youth and adolescence as an Italian immigrant who grew up in French-speaking Switzerland. His raw material is memory, from which he brings out innocent memories, forgotten images. His moving, nostalgic images, linked to memories, invite us to play, to claim the past, to reunite with something from childhood that encourages us to invent worlds and to play with our joy, our fears, our desires, our intuitions. When it comes to his biography, it is not to talk about him, but to find a collective and shared memory, even if it is made of anecdotes, that generates new stories and the elaboration of fictions. For example, he replayed the Eurovision of 1973 as a whole or walked through the Great St Bernard's Tunnel, crossing symbolically and physically the border that marked his childhood. For the NTGent season 2019-2020 he directs Songcontest.

- update May 2019

Massimo Furlan