Olga Kunicka is a Polish actor and musician. As a violinist, she obtained a master's degree at the Music Academy in Wroclaw, Poland. During that time, she also studied singing and drama at the Capitol Theatre in Wroclaw, where she developed a fascination for acting.

She was part of the ensemble at the award-winning and critically acclaimed Song of The Goat Theatre in Poland from 2015 to 2019. She starred in Cherry Orchard , Crazy God , Island , Hamlet , King Lear  and Return to the Voice. With this company, she has performed throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia and North America. Kunicka also performed in the Jerry Springer Opera of the Capitol Theatre in Wroclaw directed by Jan Klata. During her early performing career, she continued to train herself in the Meisner acting technique at the Actors Temple in London, from which she graduated with the creation of the short film Coming Clean , directed by Law Ballard. Her acting path is mostly influenced by teachers like Simon Furness, Law Ballard, Mark Wakeling, and Ashlie Walker.

As a musician, she participated in various projects ranging from classical music, folk and contemporary music. Lately, she has also been playing as a studio musician for film and theatre. She lives in Ghent.

In the season 2019-2020, she starred in Anatomy of Pain  by Lies Pauwels. Afterwards, she also starred in Do the Calimero  (LOD & hetpaleis/Lies Pauwels), which is currently touring Europe. In 2022 she was artist in residence at the Grotowski Institute in Brezinka developing Little ThunderSaint Catherine of Siena  (dir. Julianna Bloodgood and music by Katarzyna Szwed) that premiered during the International Theatre Festival Retroperspectywy in Lodz, Poland. Recently, she has appeared in the television series Roomies  on één and VRTMAX, directed by Flo Van Deuren en Kato De Boeck.

This season, Kunicka can be seen at NTGent in Maison Maeterlinck/Theater Immobiel  in the first Belgian direction by the Swiss theatre director Thom Luz.

Picture: Thomas Dhanens

- update January 2023

Olga Kunicka