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Oscar Van Rompay, born 1983, studied at the theatre academy Dora Van der Groen. With their graduation project Publikumbeschimpfung [Offending the Audience], accompanied/supervised by Peter Van den Eede, his class performed at the ITS Festival - the International Theatre School Festival. Oscar Van Rompay received the Kemn-A-ward for most promising actor.

Immediately after graduating he started working at NTGent. He also performed with De Tijd (Het Licht) and Walpurgis (Trinity Trip). He made his film debut in Win/win (2010) by Jaap van Heusden as the main character Ivan, a young stockbroker. For that role he received the ‘Certificate of Outstanding Achievement’ for best actor at the annual New York Film Festival.

Since his graduation in 2006, Van Rompay has been a member of the ensemble of NTGent. He has played, among others, Platform, Opening Night, Tien geboden [Ten Commandments], Vergeten Straat [Forgotten Street], Woyzeck, God van de slachting [God of Slaughter], Kroniek oder wie man einen Toten im Appartment nebenan für 28 Monate vergisst [Chronicle or How to lie dead in your apartment for 28 months], FRONT, Polyphonie and JR

In the 2020-2021 season Van Rompay and Peter Seynaeve made the monologue just asking and the film version just asking: de film?. That same season Van Rompay also starred in Yellow - The Sorrows of Belgium II: REX, part two of a trilogy directed by Luk Perceval about the darkest pages of Belgium's history.  

In the 2021-2022 season, Van Rompay will also be part of the cast of the third part of Perceval's trilogy, Red - The Sorrows of Belgium III: Holy War, which will premiere in April 2022.

-- update April 2022

Oscar Van Rompay

With closed eyes, you can see whomever you’d like There's all that future, still Beyond madness, tenderness awaits Only humans can fantasise Until it holds from the inside