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Peter Seynaeve graduated as an actor from Studio Herman Teirlinck in Antwerp in 1996. He made his debut in Luk Perceval's theatre marathon Ten Oorlog (Theatre Festival 1998). Over the years, he worked at Zuidpool, Laika(The Karamazovs, Theatre Festival 2001), Stan, Eisbär and hetpaleis, among others. From 2000 to 2005, he was part of the permanent core of actors at Toneelhuis. There, besides Perceval(Andromache, Festival d'Avignon 2004), he also worked with Gerardjan Rijnders(Tim van Athene, Theatre Festival 2004), Eric Devolder(Au nom du père, Theatre Festival 2005), Inne Goris(Pride&Prejudice) and Lotte van den Berg(Rumour, Het blauwe uur).

In 2006, he made his directorial debut and founded the company JAN, where he created notable performances starring children(As you like it, Cement, Betty & Morris, Je ne comprends pas and Thierry, Theatre Festival 2008) For Campo, he created the performance Victor in 2013 together with Jan Martens.

Seynaeve appeared as an actor in the internationally touring performances Front and Platonov (Theaterfestival 2013) by Luk Perceval for NTGent and Five Easy Pieces (Theaterfestival 2017, Theatertreffen 2017) by Milo Rau for Campo.

In addition, Seynaeve works as a film scriptwriter(Muidhond, 2020) and teaches at several drama schools. As a coach or final director, he also often collaborates on performances by other creators such as Abke Haring, Jan Martens, Benjamin Verdonck, Louis Janssens and BOG. At NTGent, he collaborated in this capacity in recent years on the performances Familie, Grief and Beauty, Medea's Children by Milo Rau and Great Apes of the West Coast by Princess Isatu Hassan Bangura. He featured as an actor in Luk Perceval's The Black - Yellow - Red Trilogy: A Journey into Europe's Heart of Darkness (2019-2022).

He is currently starring for NTGent in Milo Rau's Medea's Children and can be seen in Rijgen and Crashtest Ibsen by Sarah Moeremans and Joachim Robbrecht for Het Zuidelijk Toneel.

- update April 2024

Peter Seynaeve