Philip Leonhard Kelz (°1988) is a German-Italian actor based in Vienna. He grew up in Italy until the age of 19 and then studied Theatre & Film in Paris and Cologne. Later he completed a four-year acting degree at Max Reinhardt Seminar in Austria.

In Vienna he worked for Volkstheater, Schauspielhaus, Josefstadt and was part of the ensemble of Landestheater Niederösterreich for several years. Now he works as a freelancer and is part of the Global Ensemble of NTGent. Kelz worked with Luk Perceval for Yellow – A Journey into Europe’s Hearth of Darkness: Rex, the second part of the trilogy The Sorrows of Belgium.

Yellow is about the Flemish collaboration during World War II where he plays the role of former SS-Officer Otto Skorzeny.

- update November 2022

Philip Leonhard Kelz