Histoire Du Theatre Ii In De Tuin

Rodolph became a member of the Oyingi group in the Idiofa region of Congo and joined the National Ballet in 1974. He has performed in various pieces by the Dutch National Ballet, such as: The epic by Lianja (1975), The smith's daughter (1976), Nkenge (1980), Elima Ngando (1983), Rhythms and dances of Congo (1986), Kayiba (2008), Going up the Congo River (2003 & 2015) and tours with the Ballet in Congo, on the continent (Nigeria, Morocco, Burundi, Egypt, Senegal, Rwanda, Kenya, Libya)....) but also in the United States, Russia, Japan, Israel and Europe (France, Portugal, Austria...).

In December 2018, he joined Kabako Studios for the creation of Histoire(s) du Théâtre II.

- update May 2019

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