Minnemeers | NTGent


Looking for a multifunctional black-box for your activity? Then Minnemeers could well be the place you’re looking for.

Our auditorium at Minnemeers has a flat floor of the so-called 'black box' type with a modular audience tribune. The auditorium has a technical ceiling consisting of a fixed grid of ladder trusses. The headroom under these trusses is 6m.

The standard tribune can seat an audience of 186.

Thus, a performance has roughly 12m (depth from zero line to back wall) by 15.45m (width between the walls) at its disposal.

The technical equipment is geared to the auditorium’s dimensions. Additional material can be brought in subject to consultation. Our backstage can accommodate a theatre company.

Info or requests: zaalhuur@ntgent.be

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