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| 12 June 2023
NTGent is revamping the familiar subscriptions this year, adding a youth subscription and three new thematic subscriptions. The choice is yours!


λ QUEER & NOW - 6 performances for 120 euro λ

Paris was a Woman  (Bibi Van Lieshout & Khalid Koujili El Yakoubi)
Freaky Friday Face/Off  (Ammodo & De Warme Winkel)
Elektra Unbound  (Luanda Casella & NTGent)
Fledermaus forever  (Tom Goossens / Les Âmes Perdues & Muziektheater Transparant)
The Interrogation  (Édouard Louis & Milo Rau / NTGent & IIPM)
Women in Troy, as Told by our Mothers  (Tiago Rodrigues & Dood Paard)

λ Order here your subscription!

🌱 YOUNG & NEW - 5 performances for 80 euro 🌱 

Paris was a Woman  (Bibi Van Lieshout & Khalid Koujili El Yakoubi)
Elektra Unbound  (Luanda Casella & NTGent)
De Abrikozenboom - Kayısı Ağacı  (Kulub Kilim & Eigen Kweek)
UBERmens  ((Farbod Fathinejadfard, Yuni Mahieu, Julie Mughunda & Joost Maaskant / Victoria Deluxe & NTGent)
Versus  (Theater Utrecht)

🌱 Order here your subscription!


At NTGent, there are discounts all year round! Book several performances at once and get a discount. During the season, you can book additional performances at the counter at the same percentage.

- 4 performances ➡ -5% (order here)
- 6 performances ➡ -10% (order here)
- 8 performances ➡ -15% (order here)
- 10 performances ➡ -20% (order here)

Here's an overview of our discounts.


NTGent offers a discount to -26 year olds, +65 year olds, and a reduced rate to jobseekers, EYCA card holders and members Open Doek vzw (1 ticket/person).


Coming with a group (15 people)? You enter at a reduced price, following our other reductions. Contact public outreach
Going to a production with your school? Contact public outreach:



NTGent also accepts this card for all performances (except for auditorium rentals). Tickets with UiTPAS can only be obtained directly from Tickets Gent: at the ticket counter at Sint-Baafsplein 17, by telephone on 09 225 01 01 or by e-mail at,mentioning the UiTPAS number. 
For more information, go to

Foto Eu Disability Card


You pay the standard rate or one of our reduced rates if you qualify. Are you bringing someone along to accompany you? On presentation of the European Disability Card, we provide a free ticket for any accompanying person.

You do not have an EDC yet but think you are entitled to one? You can apply for a free card here.



For some people, an evening at the theatre is not financially feasible. Thanks to citizen initiative Enchanté, best known for its deferred coffees, you can buy a deferred ticket for someone without sufficient financial means.

You do this online by adding one or more Enchanté tickets to your shopping basket. If you book your tickets at the counter, by phone or mail, you can ask for a postponed ticket to be added to your reservation. Buying a postponed ticket costs you €10 per ticket, NTGent will adjust the difference with the standard rate.

We keep all postponed tickets for people in a vulnerable situation. Enchanté makes the offer known through ambassadors and social partners such as OCMW, psychiatric institutions, homeless organisations, etc.

Do you need a postponed ticket? Ask for one via Tickets Gent: at the desk next to the NTGent Schouwburg, by telephone on 09 255 01 01 or by e-mail via You can use a postponed ticket for a performance of your choice at NTGent, subject to availability.