Milo Doek

Discover the new NTGent-season on our interactive map

| 23 June 2021
NTGent will present its new season on 24 June with a Midsummer Night's Stream. On the interactive map below you can discover our program for this fall. On 10am, 2pm and 8pm, there are livestreams.


- 10am: live yoga session with Luk Perceval

We started the day with a yoga session led by none other than Luk Perceval, director of 'Yellow' and experienced yogi.

- 2pm: performance Linda Leah

Lindah Leah is one of the actresses in 'Killjoy Quiz', a performance about the power of language. In library De Krook she will give a performance based on the show.

- 8pm: season's performance by Milo Rau

Artistic director Milo Rau receives makers and collaborators of NTGent live in the Minnemeers, and he goes on a journey with them (thanks to the wonders of modern technology). A limited number of people can attend live.