The New Gospel Thomas Eirich Schneider

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| 17 November 2020
'It are some of the strongest images in documentary cinema this year.' (Cineuropa)

In the past, both Pier Paolo Pasolini and Mel Gibson filmed the crucifixion of Jesus in the southern Italian city of Matera. In 2019, Matera became the backdrop for a new passion play. This time, Jesus was played by the Cameroonian political activist Yvan Sagnet, who defends the rights of the illegal workers exploited by a mafia-led agricultural system. Many of these workers are refugees from Africa who have nowhere else to go.

The New Gospel, Milo Rau's Jezus film, starring activist Yvan Sagnet, premieredat the Venice Film Festival and was warmly reviewed. 'Images of strong, proud, black faces in biblical costumes, led by Sagnet, climbing up to the ancient stairs leading to Matera's old town, chanting, "Resistance is Dignity" while tourist are quietly watching; are some of the strongest in documentary cinema this year.' (Cineuropa)

Watch Milo Rau's The New Gospel online at IDFA Amsterdam

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