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Are you a man of colour, are you our Adam?

| 14 February 2020
During the Van Eyck year, we will be reviving Milo Rau's Lam Gods, his reconstruction of the Lam Gods for the scene and the opening production of the city theatre of the future. For the performances in March 2020 we are looking for a man of colour to perform our new Adam.

Milo Rau, just like the Van Eyck brothers at the time, connects the everyday with the ritual. Ghent people perform shepherds, righteous judges, John the Baptist and the Choir of Angels.

Are you a man of colour, do you want to perform our naked Adam and can you be there during the performance dates mentioned below? 
Send an email with photo to You will be invited for an interview after March 1st. 
Performances on Wed 11 March, Do 12 March, Sat 14 March, Sun 15 March, Wed 25 March, Do 26 March, Fri 27 March, Sat 28 March.