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Casting Call: we zoeken acteurs voor Grief & Beauty (Milo Rau/NTGent)

| 23 February 2021
We are looking for four actors (professionals and non-professionals, living in Belgium): Women and men who have come into contact with death in one way or another. Because they have lost someone, because they themselves are very ill and want to stand on a stage once again, because they have to deal with dying or dead people professionally or privately - or simply because they have already died many (theater) deaths as actors or singers.

How do we face death in and at the end of life? How do we accompany, mourn and farewell? What remains at the end of life and of a life? 

Milo Rau's plays of the recent years write a history of Flanders and Belgium: in Five Easy Pieces (2016), Rau re-told the story of the Dutroux affair with children; with Lam Gods (2018), he drew a portrait of Ghent's urban society; with Family (2020) he shows the Western society on the brink based on the collective suicide of a family. After a year of (semi-) lockdown, of loneliness and closed cultural institutions, Milo Rau and his team are tackling a theme that has been at the heart of Rau's work for many years: the question of farewell, mourning and death, but also of memory and solidarity in the face of the last things. A play about grief and beauty.

Besides Arne de Tremerie and Johan Leysen from the global ensemble of the NTGent we are looking for four more actors and actresses (professional and non-professional) on stage.As always in Milo Rau's plays, the actual staging is preceded by a long research process - and the actors' own biography will play a role.

Stage experience is very welcome, but not a requirement. Actors with experience as (opera) singers are especially welcome.

Rehearsals will happen in June/July and August/September.
A national and international tour is planned for the seasons 21/22 and 22/23.

Interested? Please contact Katelijne Laevens and make an appointment (preferably for the period: 15-27th of March).

We are looking forward to meeting you.