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Covid-19-virus: look after yourself and others

| 12 March 2020
We are cancelling all our events until the end of the season.

You must have heard. Due to the coronavirus all mass-events during summer have been cancelled. For NTGent this means that all events during the Gentse Feesten have been cancelled. We are very sorry but we are aware that public health is of prior importance now. Let's follow the guidelines and keep our fingers crossed for the near future. Whoever had tickets for one of the productions mentioned below, will be contacted personally or have been contacted already.

These productions have been rescheduled, whoever had tickets has received an email:

YellowHi bauboLe nozzeDihya, Her(e), Lam Gods, Het Narrenschip, Familie

Cancelled shows:

Uncanney Valley, Histoire du Théâtre II, De aanzegster
Co-sales via Vooruit: Kind en Big creation 2020 

In case you did not receive an email concerning these productions mentioned above (check your spam) get in touch with Tickets Gent via mail or

Best regards, take care and stay healthy!

the NTGent-team