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De staat van het theater

| 10 September 2020
Milo Rau opende het Nederlands Theaterfestival met De Staat van het Theater samen met curator Lara Staal en 5 andere sprekers.

On September 3, Milo Rau opened the Dutch Theatre Festival in Amsterdam. According to annual tradition, this is done through De Staat van het Theater, comparable to the State of the Union at the Theatre Festival in Flanders. For the occasion, Rau worked together with curator Lara Staal; together they invited five other speakers: Ernestine Comvalius, Edit Kaldor, Gable Roelofsen, Lester Arias and Jan Joris Lamers. Each of them was asked the question: why theatre? This way, it became a very varied evening, with eloquent representatives from various corners of the performing arts.

All texts of De Staat can be read at One of the most beautiful quotes we don’t want to deprive you of and was written by theatre maker Edit Kaldor:

Once you have seen something, you cannot ever unsee it. But you can re-see it. You can see it again. You can look at it again. Take time for it. Review it. Reflect on it.
Edit Kaldor