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De Standaard ACCU: book your tickets here

| 19 September 2023
During De Standaard's culture weeks, readers will receive a 15 euro discount for a performance at NTGent. If you choose NTGent in the app DS News, you will receive a code you can use to book your ticket here.
  • Enter your discount code and your personal details on this form.
  • Indicate one performance (full list below).
  • Choose one of the available dates on the next page.
  • Indicate if you want additional tickets for the same performance, without ACCU discount. Don't forget to indicate how many tickets you want and at what rate (standard, 65+ or -26).
  •  If you fill in the form correctly, you will receive a confirmation e-mail a few days later. This mail will also contain the payment request for the remaining amount. Only after payment, your reservation is final.