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Pop in online during the heritage days!

| 23 April 2021
Our doors have been closed for about a year now. Do you still remember what NTGent looks like on the inside? On the occasion of the heritage days, we share a reportage by guides collective Ghent city guide. Take a look and discover hidden gems you never saw before!
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As an international city theatre, NTGent stages productions in the Royal Dutch Theatre (KNS) on the St. Baafsplein, between the St. Baafskathedraal and the belfry. The KNS was built in 1899 as part of a large-scale urban renewal project. The design is by Edmond De Vigne. A first renovation took place in the 1980s. Some buildings were added and the (back)stage areas were modernised. A second renovation took place in 2017, this time focusing on providing the necessary infrastructure and access roads to be able to use the latest stage techniques.

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In the corridors of the KNS, you will find busts of KNS heroes. Arie van den Heuvel (1860-1934), the Dutch director who modernised acting and the teacher of Oscar De Gruyter. Oscar De Gruyter (1885-1929) who was the founder of the 'Flemish society for theatre and elocution' and the first director of the Ghent theatre school. Staf Bruggen (1893-1964), king of the stage, the most popular actor of the interbellum.⠀

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The foyer of the KNS is richly decorated with wood carvings on the walls and modern accents on the ceiling.

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The façade of the KNS, designed by Edmond De Vigne, has mainly neo-Renaissance elements. The mosaic represents 'Apollo and the muses of Parnassus'. The four bronze statues by Louis Mast each represent one of the four great 19th-century chambers of rhetoric of Ghent (de Fonteine, Sint Barabara, Sint Agneete and Maria ter Eere).⠀

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The building in eclectic style is decorated with both art and symbols from Ghent.⠀

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You can find the full series on Ghentcityguide's website, or via their Instagram and facebook page. All images are by Johnny Slos.

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