Grief Beauty 2

'Grief & Beauty' warmly welcomed on tour

| 7 March 2022
After successful tours throughout France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy, Milo Rau's performance 'Grief & Beauty' returns to NTGent on 28 & 29 October 22. Read some of the best quotes from the many reviews here.
Princess Nyt

✔ "The moment of death, live onstage"

--- The New York Times (US)

✔ “A universal tale of life and death, and how the one springs naturally from the other”
--- De Volkskrant (NL) *****

✔ “Very intense, very moving. Intimate, but never voyeuristic. The more there is talk of grief, suffering and beauty on stage, the stronger the beauty of the shared moment”
--- Hr2 Kultur (GER)

✔ “Comforting beauty is born from the tenderness and truth of emotions”
--- La Libre Belgique (BE)

 ✔ “Milo Rau shows how peaceful and joyful euthanasia can be”
--- NRC Handelsblad (NL) ****

✔ “A silent celebration of life. Once again, Rau manages to extract the human and the beautiful from the banal. Once again, he proves to be a chronicler, a humanist and master of ceremonies with great emotions" 
--- TAZ (GER)

✔ "A controversial and hard-hitting show, with an extraordinary performance by the actors on stage. It is practically impossible not to be emotionally involved, positively or negatively."
---Emmanuela Mortari (Genova 24, IT)

✔ "Theatre can be the impossible dialogue with the dead and with those who die"
--- Teatro e Critica (IT)