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| 30 May 2022
The new NTGent season has more than sixty performances from acclaimed and promising artists from all over the world, and starts in September. Discover more here.

❔ Are you interested in the complete package?

✔ On our overview page, you can browse through the entire offer. You can also select performances based on categories such as NTGent Creations, Young (work), Green Wave, Politics, ...

✔ In our new season's brochure, you will also find the complete offer, including interviews, photo reports and essays.

❔ Which shows are performed soon

✔ Click on 'calendar' at the top left of the homepage. There you get a chronological overview of all performances and performance dates per month.

✔ The performances that are shown soon at NTGent are always given a prominent place on the homepage.

✔ Can't find what you are looking for there? Then use the search bar by clicking on 'search' at the top.