'Killjoy Quiz' is one of the best plays of 2021!

| 21 December 2021
The production 'Killjoy Quiz' by Luanda Casella and NTGent has been chosen by De Morgen as one of the very best theatre performances of the year. "A layered knowledge game with grim undertones and a dazzling hostess."
Kq Top 10

The experts of newspaper De Morgen compiled a top ten of the very best theatre performances of the past year. Killjoy Quiz comes in fourth. "A sour bomb," writes the newspaper, "hidden in a seductive cream cake (...) A layered knowledge game with a grim undertone in which a whirlwind hostess puts not only her quiz candidates but also us, the audience, on the roster of wokeness."

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Want to enjoy a creation by the whirlwind hostess from Killjoy Quiz yourself? Luanda Casella is currently working on a new show at NTGent, Ferox Tempus - Terror at its best. The premiere is scheduled for May 2022, buy your tickets now!