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La Reprise - Histoire(s) du théâtre (I)

| 23 February 2021
Watch La Reprise - Histoire(s) du théâtre through ITAlive 7 March.

Liege, April 2012. Ihsane Jarfi, Muslim and gay, is tortured and murdered. The crime shakes the whole city. Milo Rau reconstructs the murder on stage.

This show will be played on Sunday, March 7 via ITALive in Dutch and French and is available with Dutch, French and English subtitles.

'Stronger than a monument to the dead.'
Hassan Jarfi - the father of the victim

One night in April 2012, Ihsane Jarfi gets into a conversation with four young men on the corner of a street in front of a gay club in Liege. Two weeks later, he is found dead at the side of a forest. He was tortured for hours and violently murdered. The crime shakes the entire city.

Together with the four actors Sabri Saad El Hamus, Adil Laboudi, Sébastien Foucault and Kristien de Proost, warehouse worker Fabian Leenders and dog sitter Suzy Cocco, Milo Rau follows the trail of a terrible crime, in search of the fatal events and emotions of the tragic experience: loss and grief, lie and truth, disaster and fear, cruelty and terror. Professional and non-professional actors contemplate both highs and lows of life and put themselves in the shoes of the protagonists of a brutal murder case.

This creates a manifesto for a democratic "theater of the real. What is theater? What does emotion, presence, history mean on stage? What is tragedy? What events touch or hurt us, make us angry and drive our artistic commitment?

Histoire(s) du théâtre La Reprise is the first part of the series Histoire(s) du théâtre: a performative investigation into humanity's oldest art form. In this first part, Rau and his team return to the fundamental problems of their artistic work over the past fifteen years: how to represent violence and traumatic events on stage? It is at once a search for the core of the fundamentally tragic "condition humaine," as a celebration of the power of theater.

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