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'LIEBESTOD' CONQUERS AVIGNON: "Angélica Liddell doesn't make theatre anymore, she is theatre"

| 15 July 2021
The brand new NTGent production 'Liebestod' by Angélica Liddell has had a triumphant run at the 75th Avignon Theatre Festival. The premiere ended with a standing ovation, and the reviews speak volumes.

Les Echos (FR) - Philippe Chevilley

"The Spanish artist makes a strong comeback at the festival of Avignon with 'Liebestod'. A passionate artistic manifesto in which she is both torera and bull, Tristan and Isolde, God and devil. Sublime images and music, a message that shocks and provokes... Angélica Liddell no longer makes theatre, she is theatre."

Scèneweb (FR) - Vincent Bouquet:

"The performance has the beauty of a confession on stage: profound, essential, and unmistakably political, in the noblest sense of the word. Angélica Liddell rarely stripped so little, yet she was rarely so naked. Without make-up or artifice. In a word: heartbreaking."

DeutschlandFunk Kultur (DUI) - Eberhard Spreng:

"Because the only real, great, resounding success is at odds with everything that German theatre and social debate have given us in terms of consensus in recent times (...) 'Liebestod' is a frenzy in words and images, but above all it is a confession of the necessary failure of the artist in an Apollonian culture of reason. It is the eulogy to an exceptional artist and, in the Histoires du Théâtre series initiated by director Milo Rau, the most personal, the most important contribution to date."

El Pais (SP) - Alex Vincente:

"The director presents a wild play inspired by the bullfighter Juan Belmonte, which was received with a standing ovation at its premiere at the same theatre festival that gave her fame ten years ago (...) The most admirable thing is that the performance ends with cheers, perhaps because no one but herself gets the heaviest blows: 'Who will go and get your ashes? You are an old whore and you have no one who loves you. You are here to seek love from these strangers'."

Libération (FR) - Anne Diatkine:

"'Liebestod' is the brightest and most direct show of the radical Madrilenians discovered at the festival in 2010 (...) Angélica Liddell stands alone on an empty stage, golden and huge, and her presence is insane."

La Libre Belgique (BE) - Guy Duplat:

"Angélica Liddell's dazzling 'Liebestod' makes Avignon shake and tremble like a bull in front of a bullfighter (...) Playing in the arena of life and death, in this exquisitely beautiful 'Liebestod', she seeks the sacredness of man in birth, sex and death."