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Livestream BODYBODYBODYBODY on 18 march

| 16 March 2021
Since 2019, Dag Taeldeman and Andrew Van Ostade have been working on an almost one-hour-long, exhilarating musical composition entitled 'Bodybodybody'.

The project has its origins in the 'tarantella', Italian folk music. The music "tarantella" and dance "taranta", are both named after the place of their origin Tarente in Puglia (Southern Italy), and/or after the tarantula spider (Lycosa tarantula). Inspired by mythology and legend, the inhabitants of this southern region believed that the bite of this gigantic spider could be fatal and that the only way to be cured was to indulge in a jerky, ecstatic dance. Later, this ritual was performed annually against all kinds of diseases. It was often an excuse to loosen the reins after being held short, a kind of variant of 'going wild' during Carnival before Lent. The old folk tales tell of the mysterious bond between the spider and the bitten person, who became delirious and began to dance and jump involuntarily. The only way to free the victim from this was through music.

After completing the composition, Dag and Andrew worked with dancer Matteo Sedda. He listened to the music and created a choreography, which is also very ecstatic and rhythmic, following the chapters and repetitions.  They are assisted by soprano Lies Vandewege. She sings an aria in which an ice queen, speaks on how impossible it is to stand still to this exhilarating music.

You can follow the livestream of the performance on thursday the 18th of march at 20h via this link.

Music: Dag Taeldeman & Andrew Van Ostade

Concept:  Dag Taeldeman & Andrew Van Ostade

Dance: Matteo Sedda

Soprano: Lies Vandewege

Light: Helmut Van Den Meersschaut

Sound: Saul Mombaerts

Camera: Robin Stevens

Special thanks to: Lore Borremans, Edith Cassiers, Floria Lomme, Ellen Kromhout en Moreno Perna

With the support of de Vlaamse Overheid