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Masterclass: Hour of Truth

| 4 September 2020
The Hour of Truth is a masterclass for professional performers (actors/dancers/...) led by Luk Perceval in NTGent.

The participants - a maximum of ten - will be intensively mentored during ten days by coaches, including Perceval himself, and choreographer Ted Stoffer, for the creation of a solo. Meaning: the creation of a highly personal story from a highly personal point of view in a highly personal form on location in the building. This is how you can register: 

1/ Candidates must have a diploma from a recognized performing arts school or at least 5 years of professional experience in the arts.

2/ Candidates email their CV + a written exposé on their motivation/URGENCY, 1 page maximum. Deadline is Sunday 20 September at midnight.

3/ After a first selection based on these written submissions, the remaining candidates send in a video (duration: max. 3 minutes) in which they tell their truth to their mother. Deadline is Thursday 1 October at midnight.

4/ A group of a maximum of 20 candidates will be selected from this group; they will be invited to present the first 15 minutes of their Hour in NTGent. Starting on Wednesday 21, Thursday 22 and Friday 23 October.

5/ During this final round, a group of 10 participants will be selected. They will join the masterclass, to create a solo in NTGent. Starting on Monday 26 October; until Friday 6 November. In the weekend of Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 November there will be presentations for an audience.

6/Selected players receive an allowance for the work period. This applies for the period from 26 October to 8 November. Participation in the auditions on 21, 22 and 23 October is at your own expense.

Ten commandments of the Hour of Truth

1. One player (m/f/x)

2. One self-selected object in a self-selected space in the theatre, without any 'scenography'. The chosen space is not an illustrative background, but a partner with character, at times resistant.

3. The duration of the solo is one hour, i.e. at least 50 minutes.

4. The player works independently.

5. The player develops a tension for one hour, from a goal he/she wants to achieve. With that goal in mind, a course is created in which success and failure alternately increase the dramatic tension. 
6. The solo arises from an emotional necessity (= challenge).

7. The player can work with or without text; anything is possible, provided that the rules of (self) respect are observed.

8. Music is performed live or manipulated by the player himself.

9. The player is aware of the presence of the spectator.

10. At the end of the masterclass, the coaches decide whether the developed Hour meets the requirements, i.e. is ready for the public and can be presented during the Marathon of Truth the following weekend.

During ten days we will work with each participant on a video of each solo, suited for an online presentation. 

Candidates are welcome to e-mail their application to: