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Angélica Liddell: The misfits

| 30 May 2020
'Question everything!' is our motto this season. We understand art as a possibility of dissidence and real utopia. Against adapting to the 'norms', against being part of a capitalist and imperialist system. That's why we asked Angélica Liddell to react on #againstintegration. This is her statement.

"I am not at all interested in the helpful, political, socially committed and responsible artist. That all becomes even less attractive when they ask you to write a text in 1.500 characters and in a language that is outdated and time-worn: imperialism, capitalism, consumerism, neoliberalism, the extinction of the species, saving our planet, blah blah blah … A reflection of the excessive politicization of the arts, where mediocracy trumps aesthetic values. I simply answer: ‘Let’s talk about the mind.’

Let’s talk about transcendence. About beauty. About God. And yes, let us plead against integration. If you are integrated, you become an idiot with rights, in a society bulimic of rights, a society of idiots with rights. Anyone who becomes integrated, starts wallowing in the mud of this idiotised world. All because of a few rights which do not add up to anything, don’t do any good, don’t ask for any service or any responsibility in return. Our time is running out. Someone will come along and will take advantage of all of this spiritual misery, of this horrific absence of reasons to live, of this horrific absence of God."

I am interested in the disintegrated, the misfits, the true poets, the freaks, the useless, the criminals and the saints.
Angélica Liddell

Andrei Tarkovsky once said: ‘Beauty is an obligation and we are its servants’. Beautiful submission. Without submission, transcendence cannot not be achieved. Humility glorifies. Creation is like worship. The greatness of art specifically lies in its flagrant uselessness, its radiant irresponsibility. The aesthetic experience is a state of fear of the incomprehensible. A grand useless action, a sacrifice in the name of the absurd, that is art, that is love."

The greatness of art specifically lies in its flagrant uselessness, its radiant irresponsibility.
Angélica Liddell


Angélica Liddell is known for her unconventional and visually stunning work about personal, social and political violence. Her works have received several awards like the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale.

NTGent asked her to make the third part in the series Histoire(s) du Théâtre. The performance would have premiered in the summer of 2020, during the Festival of Avignon. This season the premiere in NTGent would have followed. But then corona changed everything. Liebestod will go to Avignon in the summer of 2021 and will afterwords be on stage at NTGent.