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'ONE SONG' to premiere on prestigious Festival d'Avignon

| 7 June 2022
For the fourth year in a row, the Belgian city theatre NTGent is proud to announce a new production from the series 'Histoire(s) du Théâtre' will premiere at the prestigious Festival d'Avignon. In 2022, it concerns 'ONE SONG: Histoire(s) du Théâtre IV', a creation of the Belgian visual artist Miet Warlop.

ONE SONG: Histoire(s) du Théâtre IV  by Miet Warlop will have its WORLD PREMIERE on 8 JULY, and will be performed six times in total at the prestigious Festival d'Avignon until 14 July. The Belgian premiere at NTGent is set for October 2022. The performance will also travel to Barcelona, Marseille, Antwerp and Amsterdam, among others.

What is your history as a theatre maker? At the invitation of the Belgian city theatre NTGent, Miet Warlop formulates an answer as only she can. In the long running series 'Histoire(s) du Théâtre' she is the fourth director to accept the challenge of a creation in which present, past and future meet each other in an inspiring way – after Milo Rau, Faustin Linyekula and Angélica Liddell.

ONE SONG  is set in the unique universe of Warlop. A group of performers enters the arena for a mesmerizing ritual about farewell, life and death, hope and resurrection. Together they go through extremes: through sung text, images and objects, oxygen and sweat, they evoke our condition humaine. Again and again, someone stands up to push their boundaries. They defy time and give expression to a deep human need: the moment when we can transcend our thinking body.

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