Luk  Perceval In  Actie

OPEN CALL: we're looking for artists

| 11 April 2019
Luk Perceval gives the stage to actors to talk about their life for exactly one hour and present themselves to NTGent


In order to give known and unknown artists the opportunity to present themselves to NTGent, Luk Perceval will start this spring with the Hour of Truth, a format that he, as a theatre director and teacher, has been successfully applying for a number of years.

For the Hour of Truth, actors/performers/dancers/... are asked to tell/dance/perform a story for an hour in a theatrical form, at a location in the theatre. Prior to the presentation, two weeks of intensive work will be conducted by Luk Perceval, choreographer Ted Stoffer and author Peter Verhelst.


Registration is done via a motivated e-mail and a short film (max 3 minutes) in which he/she tells his/her mother the truth. In the e-mail, the candidate describes his/her goal and motivates the candidate’s wish to participate. From these applications, a number of applicants are selected to skype with director’s assistant Jip Vuik. After these interviews, the final selection is made.

  • A maximum of 10 participants will be selected from the group of candidates.
  • At NTGent Schouwburg (Sint-Baafsplein 17, Ghent)
  • From 17th to 30th of June.
  • You can apply for the project by sending an e-mail to
  • Deadline is 15/5/19.


  1. One player (m/f/x).
  2. One object of your choice in a room of your choice in the theatre, no decor.
  3. One hour, i.e. minimal 50 minutes.
  4. The player works independently.
  5. The player develops a tension that fascinates the spectator for one hour.
  6. The player pursues a goal/necessity.
  7. The player can work with or without text, anything is possible, if done well.
  8. Music is only performed/manipulated live by the player himself.
  9. The player is aware of the presence of the spectator.
  10. At the end of the workshop, the mentors decide whether or not the developed hour is ready for the public and can be presented during the Marathon of Truth, in the weekend of 29 and 30/6/19.

Jip Vuik (1992) is a theatre director and graduated from the Toneelacademie in Maastricht in 2015. Since then he has made several performances at Frascati Productions, OTtheater and production house Rotterdam, among others. Since 2018 he is part of the hip-hop theatre collective DIEHELEDING. In addition to his work as a theatre director, Jip is a (permanent) lecturer at Artez, at the academy for theatre and dance in Arnhem, and he works as a writer and dramaturge.