Red Alert

Red Alert:Cultural sector cries Red for help

| 28 August 2020
On 28 August from 9pm to 11.55pm, our theatre will be basking in red light in solidarity with Red Alert, a protest initiated by the cultural sectors in the UK and the Netherlands. The cultural and events sectors are on the brink of disaster. The sector demands equal treatment in order to be able to get back to work in a sustainable way.

The corona crisis has cost thousands of artists, freelancers and technicians their jobs. A massive disaster is playing out in the live events sector, one we don’t want to see the end of. Extra support is more than necessary. Culture is essential to people’s wellbeing. Without culture there is no society. Audiences are hungering for experiences and for that all-important feeling of belonging and togetherness. 

The cultural sector calls for an end to the cold-shoulder treatment it has received so far. We are perfectly capable of creating cultural events in safe circumstances, so let us do so. We do not ask for a preferential treatment, but we don’t want to be seen as less than other sectors. The audience and its safety come first for us.

This protest is also a call to all politicians to show more concern for the cultural sector and to value it for what it is worth – to every layer of society. We call on policy makers to come for a visit themselves and to have a taste of a corona-proof cultural event.