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School of Resistance (05/03): these are the workshops

| 23 February 2022

WORKSHOP 1: Helping hands for people without legal residence in Ghent. What are the challenges and how can we strengthen each other? - FULLY OCCUPIED

This workshop focuses on undocumented migrants in Ghent and their local allies. Ghent has a committed local civil society, with people who have been working for years for the rights of people on the run, including undocumented migrants. We set aside time to share experiences and insights about the needs, the commitment and the cooperation with undocumented migrants, in order to come to some concrete joint action points.

Facilitation: Leyla Kurhan and Frederik Van Driessche (#GentZonderGrenzen)   

WORKSHOP 2: Beyond polarisation: How do we give shape to an alternative and connecting discourse about undocumented migrants? 

For some they are intruders, for others helpless victims. The existing framing of migration quickly turns people into criminals or creates the image of a group that is above all dependent and needy. This image is incorrect but very persistent.  
How can we present strong and humane stories that counteract these oversimplified images? How do we increase social support for migration in our city? And how do we, as committed citizens, break out of our own bubbles? How do we enter into a dialogue with those who think differently?  
During this workshop, we focus on the power of image creation, counter-framing and value-oriented communication. We discuss connecting alternative discourses and see how they can be put into practice.

Facilitation: Matthias Mertens (Project Officer Migration and Imagery at 11.11.11.) and Lente Van Hee (Flemish Refugee Council) 

WORKSHOP 3: One billion climate refugees in 2050: How do we prepare for this new reality?

According to the World Bank, there will be 1 billion climate refugees in 2050. There is no doubt that this will be one of the greatest challenges the world will face in the coming decades.

How do we adapt to this new reality? How can connecting with Gaia bring us closer to those who are most affected by the climate and ecological crisis? How can we turn feelings of helplessness and despair into collective action and healing? And why is it so important to put social justice and decolonisation work at the heart of the climate debate? This workshop will focus on the links between the climate and ecological crisis and migration and will be delivered in English/Dutch.

Facilitation: Shanthuru Premkumar (Greenpeace, XR Belgium and In My Name) and Marios Bellas (In My Name, Declonise XR Belgium)