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Support BeggaBenefiet

| 1 March 2022
With the BeggaBenefiet, NUCLEO vzw wants to give the artists affected by the fire in the Begga Convent studio building a shot in the arm and grant them a new start. Now, three months after the fire, we notice that this is still more than welcome!

On Wednesday 24 November 2021 a fire raged in one of the studios of the Begga Convent. The Begga Convent in the O.L.V. ter Hoyen Begijnhof in Ghent, the place where it all started for NUCLEO vzw, was badly affected. Fortunately no one was in the building and there were no casualties. The fire was fierce and the damage was enormous. Fifteen artists suffered fire, water and smoke damage. A true drama for all involved.

Support the BeggaBenefiet by making a donation on Crowdfunding.gent or surf to WWW.BEGGABENEFIET.BE and make your purchase in their WEBSHOP. On the webshop you will find all kinds of works that were donated by colleague artists especially for this action. After the campaign on 21 March, the money collected will be fully and evenly distributed among the affected artists.