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'The Interrogation' lands in Paris (from 18/05)

| 11 May 2022
The performance 'The Interrogation' by Milo Rau and Édouard Louis is shown five times in the French capital from the 18th of May onwards.

The Interrogation  is a performance written by Milo Rau, artistic director of NTGent, and the French bestselling author Édouard Louis. Together, Rau and Louis wrote a very personal text about doubting and failing. The Interrogation  revolves around the question whether someone can escape from his own biography, in this case Édouard Louis himself, through theatre. A "demonstration of vulnerability," as the authors themselves call it, "both tender and melancholic".

After a successful first performance during the festival Brandhaarden at the ITA (Amsterdam), 
The Interrogation  now lands in Paris. The show, with actor Arne De Tremerie on stage, will be performed five times at La Colline theatre between 18 and 24 May.

"Both a fundamental ode to failure, and a rehabilitation of failure (...) an extremely exciting show"
Sander Janssens - Theaterkrant