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What with Arca? Decide with us!

| 29 November 2022
We don't want to let Arca go to waste while the need for rehearsal and performance spaces is great. That is why we asked the GKO to drum up the arts field together. De Werkgroep Ruimte invites everyone to put their heads together.

A new meeting of our city's De Werkgroep Ruimte is coming up. The future of Arca needs to be discussed! Join us on Friday 2 December at 16h at DE BOMA, CAMPO (Bomastraat 35, 9000 Ghent) to think together about a fill-in for our beloved performance space.

After an introduction by CAMPO and Manoeuvre on the interpretation of DE BOMA, the next two topics on the agenda are:

- 'The future of Arca'. NTGent explains its decision to stop operating in Arca and reaches out to GKO to look for a new future for the theatre together with vzw Wido.
- 'From temporary use to permanent use on the Arsenaalsite': what did we learn after a month of testing in September and how do we approach the thought exercise towards permanent use of culture on the site?

Afterwards, we can stick around together for an after-work drink at 17h30 where we can chat over a glass.

Let us know here that you are coming.