Frie Leysen

Why sea stars?

| 23 September 2020
In memoriam Frie Leysen (1950 - 2020).

Why beauty?
Why migration?
Why science?
Why Donald Trump?
Why spring?
Why Mozart?
Why the superfluous?
Why fear?
Why fanaticism?
Why love?
Why Bolsonaro?
Why exploitation?
Why philosophy?
Why friendship?
Why sorrow?
Why war?
Why sensibility?
Why Hieronymus Bosch?
Why flowers?
Why rich/poor?
Why Recep Tayyip Erdoğan?

Why floods?
Why science?
Why poverty?
Why family?
Why horror?
Why manipulation?
Why invading space?
Why Monteverdi?
Why generosity?
Why corona??
Why racism?
Why Italian renaissance?
Why burning Amazon rainforest?

Why pain?
Why opportunism?
Why intelligence?
Why the ephemeral?
Why sea stars?
Why... Why... Why...

Frie Leysen (1950-2020) was a Belgian festival director and a pioneer in many ways. She established the international arts centre deSingel in Antwerp and went on to rethink the role of festivals locally, nationally and internationally by co-founding the multidisciplinary and bilingual Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels. She will be dearly missed.

This text was her contribution to our Golden Book V: Why Theatre? which will be presented next week.

- 23-09-2020