Yoga Lukperceval

The actor's studio: Yoga with Luk Perceval

| 13 December 2018
Going for a healthy kickoff of the new year in 2019? Join us for Luk Percevals yoga sessions!

Besides being an internationally acclaimed director, Luk Perceval is also a yoga teacher. Early 2019 he will start rehearsals for the first part of his trilogy: The Sorrows of Belgium. Black. He zooms in on black pages of Belgian history, the exploitation of Congo under Leopold II in Black. During his rehearsal period he will also give yoga lessons to the actors, also open to the public.

For everybody, with our without experience!

Everybody with an open mind and a need to find more peace and physical comfort is welcom. No yoga experience is required.

What do you need?

  • Clothes that allow you to move freely
  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket

If you have a meditation cushion ar an aid that gives you more ease to meditate, you can bring that too.

Where and when?

  • When? Every tuesday, wednesday, thursday from 15/01/2018 onwards between 10.00 and 11.00 (except on Jan 23 and 24)
  • Where? The rehearsal attic of our theatre, Sint-Baafsplein 17, Ghent
  • Price? 10 euro per session, a ten-times card costs 90 euro.
  • How to register? through, buy a ticket at the bar in NTGentcafé.
  • The profit goes to vzw Kompanjon, that supports vulnerable families. More specifically the money goes to the acquisition of books, offered to these families.

Want to know more on the yoga practice of Luk Perceval? Here's his website: