The New Gospel Thomas Eirich Schneider

Yvan Sagnet: Now you see us

| 30 May 2020
'Question everything!' is our motto this season. We understand art as a possibility of dissidence and real utopia. Against adapting to the 'norms', against being part of a capitalist and imperialist system. Activist Yvan Sagnet fights in Italy for the rights of migrants. In 'The New Gospel', a by van Milo Rau, calls for dissidence.

'Now you see us here. You see me here. You all see yourselves. We are, here, alive. You suffered during your travels, you were mistreated when you were in Libya. You crossed the Mediterranean because you thought you would find paradise here. What did you find instead? You found suffering. You, who have never known ghettos in your country, have gotten to know them here.

And that’s not all: they exploit you, they insult you, there is so much racism and hatred against all of us who fight for justice and dignity. If you save human lives, you become a criminal. Migrants are considered dangerous, without having done anything wrong.

If we do not fight, if we do not join together to change this situation, the situation will remain so forever.

You say: ‘Nothing will change anyway.’ ‘The world will always remain the same.’ But that’s not true. All the good things we have done in this world, we have achieved by fighting. We must not stop fighting and acting. Because our opponents are waiting for nothing more than us to give up. We must fight because this concerns your life and your dignity, but above all for the future of our world. Anyone who rebels for their own dignity and well-being fights for the dignity and well-being of all human beings.'

This speech is part ofThe New Gospel, a film by Milo Rau

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