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Wheelchair users

Our buildings are accessible. Please speak to our staff if you would like assistance.

The NTGent Schouwburg is accessible for wheelchair users via ramps along both entrance sides. The theater hall is accessible with an elevator, the available seats (mobile seats) are located at the back of the parterre. An adapted toilet is available.

Minnemeers (with the exception of the public foyer) and the Minard theater are also wheelchair accessible. In Minnemeers the available seats are at the front of the stands, in the Minardschouwburg they depend on the venue where the performance is taking place.

When you reserve your tickets, we ask you to specify whether you use a normal or electric wheelchair, and whether you wish to sit in your wheelchair during the performance. Please arrive on time on the evening of the performance. The reception staff will then be able to help you to your seat in time.

Maarten Degezelle

Public Outreach Department
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