NTGent is an open house, accessible to everyone.

In order to be able to offer you the best service, we ask you to always provide all relevant information when booking your tickets. Before the show begins, during the break and when leaving the auditorium and the building, you can approach the staff with your questions and for any help.

People who want to make use of our accessibility services are requested to order their tickets by telephone, email or at the desk. Please state clearly which service you would like to use, so that we can provide you with customised service.

M: | T: +32 9 225 01 01

Would you like to know more about the accessibility of our performances or our buildings? 
Contact NTGent Publiekswerking - Saartje Cauwenbergh 
M: | T: +32 9 269 35 30

Blind and partially sighted

Assistance dogs are welcome in the auditorium! Inform us at the time of your reservation if you are accompanied by an assistance dog and/or if you would like assistance from our staff when you enter the auditorium.

There are bumps on the steps of the public area of our theatre, a tactile warning device for blind and partially-sighted people.

In addition, every season we make a selection of our performances accessible via audio description, a live description of what happens on stage. If you would like this service, we ask you to be present 45' before the start of the performance. Then, we can explain how to use the audio material and also provide a short custom introduction to the performance.

If you wish to make use of the audio description, you can reserve your tickets via VeBeS Ghent: 09 292 40 80 | VeBeS is an association of blind and partially-sighted people, but you do not have to be a member of this organisation to be able to make use of this service.

In addition, VeBeS offers group assistance from Ghent Sint-Pieters station to the NTGent location and back again after the performance. Don't forget to mention that you want to use this service when booking your tickets! The practical information about this (meeting time and place) will then be communicated to you.

Special thanks to:

- Lotus Bakeries for the installation of the bumps. 
- Elia Fund (King Baudouin Foundation) for the purchase of audio description equipment.