NTGent is an open house, accessible to everyone.

In order to be able to offer you the best service, we ask you to always provide all relevant information when booking your tickets. Before the show begins, during the break and when leaving the auditorium and the building, you can approach the staff with your questions and for any help.

People who want to make use of our accessibility services are requested to order their tickets by telephone, email or at the desk. Please state clearly which service you would like to use, so that we can provide you with customised service.

M: | T: +32 9 225 01 01

Would you like to know more about the accessibility of our performances or our buildings? 
Contact NTGent Publiekswerking - Saartje Cauwenbergh 
M: | T: +32 9 269 35 30

Deaf and hard of hearing

Use our FM hearing loop, or come to one of our performances made accessible by means...

Use our FM hearing loop, or come to one of our performances made accessible by means of surtitles, interpreters of Flemish Sign Language and/or emoti-chairs.

Both our theatres at Sint-Baafsplein and at Minnemeers have an FM hearing loop. This eliminates the discomfort that hearing impaired people experience in a theatre: environmental noise that is amplified by an ordinary hearing aid.


- You can choose any seat you like when you buy a ticket.
- If you wear a hearing aid (with a T-coil), you can use a personal neckloop connected to an FM receiver. If you do not wear a hearing aid, you can connect a regular headset to this FM receiver.
-Little or no interference with technical installations from the theater compared to an induction line.

Are you hearing impaired (with or without a T-coil hearing aid) and want to use the FM hearing loop during one of our performances in NTGent Minnemeers or in the main theatre at Sint-Baafsplein? Please be sure to mention this when booking your tickets so that we can reserve an FM receiver with a personal neckloop or headphones for you!

If you would like to test whether you can connect your T-coil hearing aid to our FM hearing loop before a performance, please contact us at: Remember, however, that a T-coil must be included and installed in your hearing aid before you can use the hearing loop. Please contact your hearing aid supplier for this. If, after attending a performance, you still notice that the hearing loop did not function properly, then be sure to let us know!

Mor information: contact NTGent Publiekswerking - Debbie Crommelinck

M:|Telephone: +32 9 269 35 30.

A comment about this new hearing loop on Facebook: 'As a hard of hearing person, going to the theatre is not an easy thing. NTGent has done everything possible to help people such as myself enjoy theatre as well. Please note that when making a reservation, you must always request this yourself. Ask for access on the day itself. A very sweet young lady by the way. Very friendly. The technician with whom I tested this hearing loop beforehand was patient and friendly. After just under 10 minutes of testing, everything was properly adjusted for my hearing-impaired ears. Thank you NTGent for focusing on accessibility! #DeafFlanders #DeafActionGhent #Deaf&Co'

The FM hearing loop was purchased with the support of Cera.

In addition, every season, we examine whether we can make our performances accessible by means of surtitles, interpreters of Flemish Sign Language and/or emoti-chairs. The last are cushions that are placed on chairs, and that convert sound into vibrations in order to feel music and other sounds. If this offer applies, we announce it on the production pages of our website, in our digital newsletters and magazines. The activities of Publiekswerking  can already be requested with an interpreter of Flemish Sign Language. To do this, please contact us at