Wheelchair users

The NTGent theatre is accessible to wheelchair users via ramps and mobile seats in the hall. The auditorium is accessible by elevator and the available places are on the parterre. There is an accessible toilet available.

Minnemeers (with the exception of the lobby), Arca and the Minardschouwburg are also wheelchair accessible. In Minnemeers and Arca the available places are in front of the seats. In the Minardschouwburg it depends on the hall in which the performance takes place.

When booking your tickets, we ask that you inform us whether you are using an ordinary or an electric wheelchair, whether or not you wish to be in your wheelchair during the performance and whether or not you wish to attend the free introduction 45' before the start of the performance. Please be present about 45' before the start of the performance on the evening itself. The staff can then help you to get to your seat in time.