Lighting and Sound America: Sotesa and Chauvet Professional Bridge Old and New for NTGent (over het nieuwe milieuvriendelijke verlichtingssysteem van NTGent)

Patrick Martens | 29 November 2019
Recently, NTGent took steps to inspire creativity in the interior of the building as well, all while making the historic theatre more environmentally friendly, by installing a new LED lighting system that features Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Sotesa."This project was reflective of the philosophy of Milo Rau, NTGent's artistical leader, Patrick Martens, the coordinator of productions and technique, as well as the entire organization," says theatre supplier Jan Hooyberghs of Sotesa. "One of the largest and most important performing art venues in Belgium and the Low Countries, NTGent is committed to serving as a medium between cultures and people by acting as a bridge between old and new, as well as between classic and mythological."NTGent has its own multi-cultural ensemble of performers and actors that tour internationally -- not only from the obvious nations, but also to Iraq, the Congo, and countries throughout the world," continues Hooyberghs. "Although it has respect for the past, it is also open to new evolutions of today and the future."