Subbacultcha: Anatomie van Pijn (interview met Lies Pauwels & cast)

Anatomie van pijn | 2 December 2019
How do people with pain experience working around the subject? Does it help them to give the pain a meaning? ////// Adjua: It’s both confronting and a big help. There are some things I never talk about. While acting I still don’t have to talk about those things but I’m able to express them in another way. What other people do on stage and how they express their pain reflect how I feel. I get a lot out of it. ////// Is it hard sometimes? ////// Adjua: Not really, because we are always busy creating something. Some people have physical pain and for others it’s a mental thing. On stage, pain isn’t our weakness. It becomes the opposite: we use it to create something beautiful. It becomes a power, while it’s usually seen as something which only holds us back.