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Esperanto - Lucas Derycke


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Theatre with a serious splash of audio about the conflict between dream and reality. For everyone who can't decide between accepting the world as it is or to keep on tilting at windmills.

Greece. Jasmin and Hanna are working as volunteers in a refugee camp. They organize activities there and are trying to distribute the donations fairly among the 800 Syrian refugees. The girls want to make a difference, but soon encounter the limits of reality.
Poland. An old Esperantist tells how Esperanto proved to be his salvation following the death of his son. He looks back with nostalgia at the time when his ideal was still very much alive, and was not simply dismissed as folklore. Lucas Derycke makes radio documentaries, mockumentaries and radio fiction for national and international broadcasters.
Esperanto is his first theatre production, based on his own stay at and interviews in a Greek refugee camp. There are no actors on stage, but an audiovisual cocktail of voices, extracts from interviews, projections and live music by Frederik De Clercq.



standard: €18
reduction and 65+: €16
under 26: €14

estimated duration

  • Ellis Meeusen
  • Lynn Van den Broeck
  • Sara Vertongen
  • Tom Voet
  • Alejandra Theus
  • Barbara Borguet
  • Andreas Helgi Schmid
  • Klaus Peeck
  • Raul Muanda
  • Asaad Merza
  • Mouhanad Rameh
  • Yara Ward


Lucas Derycke


Frederik De Clercq

recording technique

Wederik De Backer, Joris Van Damme


Benno Müller vom Hofe


Viktor Thys


Els Theunis



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