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European Philosophical Song Contest - Théâtre Vidy


European Song Festival Theatre De Vidy Bijgeknipt Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne
The most important European thinkers wrote lyrics for pop songs that are performed as they would have been at a Eurovision Song Contest.

Director Massimo Furlan and dramaturg Claire de Ribaupierre  asked major European thinkers to compose philosophical lyrics for pop songs. These songs are performed live and in their original language. A local jury of intellectuals comment on each song text and vote with the audience to choose the winning song.

With the European Philosophical Song Contest, the makers aim to respond to the growing contempt that populist discourse displays towards intellectuals, and to the disappearance of thought from the public discourse in favour of entertainment. It is by ruse and camouflage that they decided to act.







concept & dramaturgy

Claire de Ribaupierre

concept, direction & scenography

Massimo Furlan

production management

Greet Prové


Mondher Kilani , Philippe Artières , Vinciane Despret , Jean Paul Van Bendegem , Michela Marzano , Santiago Alba Rico , Ande Somby , José Bragança de Miranda , Mladen Dolar , Kristupas Sabolius


Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne , Numero23Prod. , NTGent


Steve Grant , Jocelin Lipp , Hugo Dordor , Davide De Vita , Mimmo Pisino , Dylan Monnard , Pascal Stoll , Dominique Hunziker , Mathis Bouveret-Akengin , Marie Grillet , Massimo Furlan , Lynn Maring , François Cuennet , Martin Burger , en een lokale jury

musical performance & improvisation

Bart Plugers , Karin Sever , Maïc Anthoine , Gwénolé Buord , Davide De Vita , Arno Cuendet , Monika Ballwein , Lynn Maring

musical direction

Steve Grant , Mimmo Pisino


Thursday 13 February 2020
NTGent Schouwburg
Friday 14 February 2020
NTGent Schouwburg


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