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Almost anyone can fall over - NTGent & Samana


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NTGent organises a participatory project with Samana, ​an exercise in keeping balance and daring to unbalance.

An exercise in keeping balance and daring to unbalance

A group of players enters the stage. They are looking for their place. Is it in the foreground or at the back of the stage? Hidden behind a laughing mask? Or naked and vulnerable in their innocence and pain? Or do they find their place at the crossroads: where vulnerability and theatre are not each other's opposites, but go hand in hand?

Together with the performance Anatomy of Pain, directed by Lies Pauwels, the Public Outreach team of NTGent is organising a participatory project with Samana, the advocate of the interests of chronic pain patients and their informal caregivers.

Under the direction of Debbie Crommelinck, fifteen pain experts are working on their own theatre performance. Inspired by the animal stories of Toon Tellegen and others, they are looking for a translation of their lives with pain, a life that goes hand in hand with pushing boundaries. The result is a testimony of people who seem to fall over from time to time, but who stand up again and again.

How do I get past this?
'I think you should fall.'
Fall? How does that work?'
"Come, I'll show you.

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  • Els Demarre
  • Rony Van Damme
  • Robin Jorissen
  • Hilde Boogaerts
  • Maureen Van de Gehuchte
  • Hilde Bronselaer
  • Bernard Thys
  • Ruth Wuestenberg
  • Manuella Ploegh
  • Karla Persyn
  • Myriam Coopman

Debbie Crommelinck , Kathleen Van Walle


Eline Banken , Steven Heene

direction assistant

Chris de Vries

stage technique

Pedrag Momcilovic



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