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Par Hasard & NTGent Par Hasard


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Theatre that questions reality in various projects from a playful, humorous and highly verbal angle.


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For the event Par Hasard & NTGent, Mira Bryssinck, Laura Vroom, and Fred Libert invite other makers, performers, and musicians to share a work-in-progress with an audience. From text to conversation, from scene to somersault and song...

Par Hasard vzw was created in 2020 as a vzw of three people. On the one hand, they make work (theater) from text, image, and sound and on the other hand, they have a platform through which they curate work by young talented artists. The Platform takes the form of a tour through the work of fellow artists that they always reach through an open call.


One group will play on Saturday 29 October and the second group on Sunday 30 October, each three times. It suffices to buy one ticket at the time that suits you (2 p.m., 5 p.m. or at 8 p.m.) to see all artists of that day perform. If you want to see all 10 artists, you have to buy two tickets: one for Saturday and one for Sunday.

We conclude every Par Hasard in the company of the ever rousing melodies of The Holy 7a dazzling instrumental Balkan orchestra.

Programme Saturday 29 October

Annemarie Ignarro

Remember to Remember (working title) is an album born out of a personal process of embodiment. Through lullabies, questions of belonging and distance are raised. "I invite myself to come into deep connection with my clarinet and voice so that I can confront, listen to and embrace fears and insecurities," says Annemarie Ignarro about her own work.

FC Atlaska

Rhythmic, cinematic road trip music

If the Flemish Ardennes were a little closer to the equator, these four Ghent-Gavre exotics would write the fitting soundtrack for it:

  • Emiel Willaert - guitar
  • Johannes Verhoene - cornet, percussion
  • Lukas De Block - bass
  • Maarten Haesebeyt - drums

(read more after the photo)

Fc Atlaska Foto Door Isaac Ponseele Konvooi Dag 2 81

Hanna Desmet

You are looking at a young potential who has her business in order: she has built a successful career as a "Life Strategist" and in her personal life she is thriving as well. She wants to share her recipe for happiness with all those who can use it. How important is what we show of ourselves? And don't we mainly look at the rest of the world with a view coloured by our own experiences? Or have we lost perspective and thus lost track?

Dries De Geyter

Forming lines on paper, text, or music? Both (or neither)? Those same shapes, lines, in the air, words, or a melody? Probably both (or neither). It's more confusing than it seems (and vice versa), just remember: "everything is A, or B, or both, or neither." What that means depends on you, on me, and on us.

Marthe Koning

"What Pessoa Taught Me is a physical and musical quest for how I can make the out-of-body state I experience during lucid dreams palpable to an audience. I draw a parallel between this phenomenon and Fernando Pessoa's poems in which he speaks to the polyphony of the inner self. His poetry is characterised by never preaching a single message, but endlessly exploring it to the furthest reaches of its own identity.

I have more than one soul

 More selves than myself.

And nevertheless, I exist,

For all indifferent" Marthe Koning on her own work.

(Ricardo Reis / Fernando Pessoa from Oden)

Programme Sunday 30 October

Johannes Lievens

In the summer of 2022, artist Johannes Lievens set out in a park in Paris. He invited nine strangers around a fire and talked to them about loneliness. He now collects their stories in a monologue. This text was realised with the support of deBuren

Axelle Verkempinck

"Persephone welcomes you into the underworld. She doesn't want to go back to earth, because there you have to pay 50 cents for a toilet visit, if you want to protest give 48 hours' notice and there are too many kinds of sanitary napkins to choose from. A call for chaos, impulsiveness, and colouring outside the lines," Axelle said.

Arthur Decock

BIECHT is a guttural cry for help in monologue form. A generic, desperate, raspy, ragged, stuffy, confused, and unhappy primal sound. An attempt to expose all the twists and turns of depression, anxiety, isolation, and impulsive thoughts.

Like stretching a spring into a metal wire.

BIECHT is an attempt to put depression into words, as honest, chaotic, and desperate as possible - or just a moment to hear: you are not alone.

Many people feel bad. And that's OK.

But it's goddamn hard

David Huyghe

"For several months now, I have been building a poetic universe. A lost sheep, clouds drifting by, and a garden from the past are part of it. Someone's greatest desire is to become part of the landscape again. Perhaps that can be achieved by dreaming? Through speech, I want to bring poems to life, immersing the audience in a mystical, personal, and sometimes slightly absurd dream world," says David Huyghe.

Margot Timmermans

A collection of stories and poetry about the body that little by little becomes an article of use. About the expiration date of a decomposing body and its reprehensibility. The working title at the moment is 'ZORN'.



Pay what you can

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DUTCH spoken


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