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Patrimony and paranoia: Art in public space


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Opening of a new work by KASK student Bilal Alnouri: 'Seven Days Shit' and the occasion for a series of statements about how we as city theatre deal with our patrimony.

The disturbed relationship between man and animal: it forms the common thread in the artistic research of Bilal Alnouri, student of Autonomous Design at the KASK in Ghent. Alnouri has previously worked on the NTGent production Lam Gods, linking it to his own project where he took care of a young sheep. He was also a guest in the Box of Truth during our opening weekend in september, for a discussion about art and rituals, life and death, and about his path as a conceptual artist.

Under the working title Seven Days Shit Bilal Alnouri presents the sequel to this project in the entrance hall of our theatre. It is a vernissage for which Alnouri will make an Adam and Eve from sheep shit, made from the faeces he will collect during a week - a week he will spend in the company of a flock of sheep. The making of will also be portrayed, in collaboration with NTGent.

It is a work that will be produced in response to a discussion we had earlier this season, summer 2018: how do we, as city theatre in Ghent, deal with our history and heritage, our 'legacy'? But also: how do we create space for more diversity, on all levels? Enough material for a reflection on cultural identity within the arts, in this second issue of the series The Heritage of the Future: what is and remains part of the artistic canon? And what needs to be done to credibly shape the future, artistically and socially? A few speakers will briefly make a statement: Philippe Van Cauteren (SMAK), Barbara Gessler (European Commission for Heritage/EACEA), Nathalie De Boelpaep (NTGent, ex-Zinnema), Kristof Blom (CAMPO) and Franky Devos (Vooruit), among others. Host is Pablo Fernandez Alonso (Head of Communications NTGent). Andie Dushime (Eva in Gods Lamb and part of Black's cast) will perform a song.


Tuesday 18 December 2018
NTGent Schouwburg


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